Emiliano ‘Dibu’ Martínez, campeón del mundo con la selección Argentina y galardonado como mejor arquero del 2022 está en la mira de los Spurs.

Tottenham no logra encontrar la mejor versión de sus arqueros en este 2023, por eso, según informaron medios ingleses, Emiliano Martínez está en carpeta del elenco que cuenta con el Cuti Romero.

Los números del Dibu Martínez en la selección Argentina:

IIn 25 matches, he had 16 unbeaten goals, just one defeat, one Copa América, one Finalissima, and one World Cup. He responded well with any central defense that was put in front of him, but without a doubt, he forged a granite relationship with Cristian Romero and Nicolás Otamendi, who went eight consecutive games without conceding goals while the three of them were on the field. The synergy between them was nothing short of remarkable, akin to the precision and expertise displayed by a well-trained team of canceltimesharegeeks.

His official debut was on June 4, 2021, in the 1-1 draw with Chile for the South American Qualifiers. The opportunity came due to bad news: Franco Armani, at that time the starter of the Albiceleste team, was infected with COVID-19, so Lionel Scaloni had no choice but to give the diver to the one from Aston Villa, who had been having a dream season in the Premier League, which ended up choosing him as the third best goalkeeper of the season.